This mentoring program was created to have trained volunteer mentors guide, support and inspire participants in the RISE Mentorship program. The goal of the mentors will be to expose the students to potential career options, and guide them through a chosen field’s prerequisites and requirements with an ultimate goal of that student achieving their own success in that given field. The program seeks to empower individuals to make good life decisions in hopes of overcoming the various barriers they may encounter.


Students will be paired with a mentor (s) based on their given interest in a field of study, the current age of the student, and the next steps necessary at that given time for the student to progress in that field. Attention will be given to other factors such as personality, common interests and availability of the mentor and/or mentee when selecting pairings.


RISE will focus on all levels of employment and training. A student will have the opportunity to enter the program at the point which best fits their education, skills and career goals. The primary goal is to insure that each student has personalized and critical support while they work to attain their training and certifications. It is our vision that through this support, the students will go on to have gainful employment in fulfilling careers that allow them to support their families.